When you commission Love Shack to create your tiny house or stand-alone extra space, you can be sure we'll be putting in the love from start to finish. From helping to decide which of our products best suits your needs to delivery and installation – we're here to help.

Love Shacks are proudly hand-crafted to a high quality finish with particular attention to livability.


It all starts with a conversation, let us know about your location and what you want from your Love Shack and we can recommend plans and materials to suit.

We're happy to discuss the ways your tiny house can provide a natural and sustainable living space. Examples of some materials that we prefer to use are:

  • Macrocarpa weather boards and beams
  • Untreated ply inside lining
  • Water based timber sealer
  • Recycled native flooring
  • Recycled timber joinery
  • Green Stuff wall insulation
When creating livable small spaces, a lot of the tricks lie in a well-considered floorplan, we can guide you through the planning stages with our experience in design.

Your Love Shack will be finished with full insulation and can also include a number of additional extras, some options you may like to consider are:

  • Natures Head composting toilet
  • Remote controlled lighting
  • Built-in sound system
  • Dual power wiring for on/off grid.
  • Colour changeable LED lighting
  • LPG or diesel heat pumps
  • Fire place
  • double glazing
  • shower dome


A great advantage of the tiny house concept is size, you have the freedom of being able to transport your Love Shack with relative ease. The combination of a compact building and its transportable nature means you can also avoid costly consent requirements.

Our recommended maximum dimensions are 2.5M wide X 7.6m long X 4m high. When your building is complete your Love Shack can be delivered complete with its own trailer. All that's left for you to do is to move in!


Our first functional proto-type was situated on a scenic property in the beautiful Whangarei Heads (Northland, NZ). It has now been relocated to its new home in Whangarei.

Built for those who require an extra space, but still have access to bathroom and cooking facilities. Its well-considered features include:

- 10m2 living space

- Two double hung sash windows and wooden French doors


Not too dissimilar to our first Love Shack, however this tiny house made use of Macrocarpa weather boards, posts and beams and had a few enhanced electrical features.


Our 18m2 Love Shack.

Comes complete with:

  • A custom built heavy duty galvanized trailer with 4 wheel disc brakes, rego & WOF.
  • 130w solar panel & controller
  • 100ah deep cycle battery
  • dual wiring for 240v & 12v
  • Natures head composting toilet
  • 1mx1m glass shower
  • new free standing gas stove
  • fully insulated walls ceiling and floor
  • gas calafont and water pressure pump
  • 12v extraction hood with touch screen display
  • LED lighting throughout.


  • colour steel corrogated iron
  • Redwood rough saw weather boards

Roof & gutter
colour steel corrogated iron

Wall linings  
white washed ply

Optional extras include:

  • built in sound system
  • remote control lighting (dim able and/or colour changing)
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Aluminum joinery (with possibility of double glazing if required)
  • Native reclaimed flooring
  • Additional solar system components (such as batteries/panels and controllers)

COMING SOON… Love Shack #4

We are currently developing our next model tiny houses, which will have the option of single level living. This is perfect for those who are less physically able or those who aren't so fond of stairs or loft bedrooms.Watch this space and our Facebook page for updates or email me for me information.